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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
There seems to be some confusion about what has actually happened.. Some people seem to believe that "a ban is coming" That in some way the law as pertains to airsoft is changing.

This is not the case.. The only thing that has changed is the position with respect to enforcement of existing laws.
My friend, in the March 2 Markham Economist and Sun there's an article "Politicians call for ban on replica firearms";
""We have to licence people to sell cigarettes," he said. "We wouldn't give a permit to people selling replica guns."

Activism can be effective is maintaining the status Quo Which is what the current gun lobby in Canada is striving for... no more changes.. no more restrictions.. we will live with what we have.. but no more.. Holding back the tide where it is by building a dam of resistance through lobbying and political activism.
Circle March 12 on your calendar, Montague is in court again. He most certainly is not trying to maintain the status quo. Almost all the firearms laws are unconstitutional, and will be repealed. Furthermore we are pushing for CCW and removal of the long-gun registry. Grey areas of 12-6's are also being bitterly, bitterly contested. We got screwed, burned very very badly, because we took the 'wait and see' attitude advocated by this forum. Vague promises and such, don't mean squat to me and many others. People who want to keep their firearms are active because they've realized they HAVE to be.3

I've said it before, playing nice and hoping to be left alone is NOT a viable long term policy for airsoft. WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. We don't have a problem, we are not a problem. The people who want to ban it are the problem, THEY have the problem, we're ordinary people playing a sport.

About the previous bans and such, there's an even simpler thing to do. Vote Conservative, and communicate with your MP that you want property rights recognized. Yea, right now we don't have a specified right to property (thanks Trudeau). Once you have a right to property, it becomes much harder to take things away from you.
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