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Originally Posted by Cortexburn
If people want to write up a letter and post it for others to critique I'm fine with that as I'm sure most others on the forums are.

It's not the job for those of us that run the forum to do FA in regards to saving airsoft. There are members who are chosing to take a role. There is a SHIT load of talk about writing letters but nobody posts what they are going to write.
You do realize that when you delete the threads it makes it pretty hard to post the letters you wrote, in that deleted thread. Ok? All I'm saying is you ought to think that through, if you remove the thread, people can't post in it.

And for the record, when people say, "You should not do anything, we're t5taking care of it." That's sort of easily interpreted as making it their job to do FA about airsoft.

What I see is that it's getting close to last call, and the people who've been talking big all evening are starting to get squirrely about paying the tab they've racked up.

Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter View Post
I'm not all that clear what your beef is, or with whom. Who said you can't go out and do something? You are angry with the lack of results then by all means go out and be the voice of reason. Noone can stop you.
This forums admins specifically and explicitly said members could not organize here and 'do something'. And using the internet as a medium for influence really requires a main forum to allow (or God forbid advocate) people to use it for such.

All the naysayers really have me baffled. It's one thing to be ignorant, that's easily cured. But to refuse to learn, that's just crazy. Type 'ZUMBO' into a search engine. The man was an influential hunting writer who came out denouncing EBRs (evil black rifles - ie anything you want an airsoft copy of), and essentially supporting the second assault weapons ban proposed down in the USA. The same day he announced that he started to feel heat, by the end of the week he'd lost all his main sponsors. A couple weeks later he's now been fully rehabilitated and is firmly against the proposed AWB.

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