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Originally Posted by Luckyorwhat View Post
But on ASC that's scary, letting ordinary people start letter writing campaigns without official guidance? God forbid. What's needed is an incredibly slow process, mostly secret, supposedly run by a handful of honest to God elitists, over a period of time spanning years - and that has no appreciable results of any kind to show for it.

I don't know why the guys running this forum were so adamant we couldn't discuss activism, maybe they were really just snobs, or maybe they were planning some sort of organization to make money from lobbying airsoft. It doesn't really matter, they had a policy and stuck by it. I even wrote the guy running the forum about it 2 years ago - they really, really, didn't want ordinary people taking action.
I'm not all that clear what your beef is, or with whom. Who said you can't go out and do something? You are angry with the lack of results then by all means go out and be the voice of reason. Noone can stop you.

Someone certainly has sand in the crotch area this afternoon.

I enjoyed playing this sport, have made many friends through it, and personally hope that I can enjoy it with my son when he turns 15. Noone here is pleased with what the government is doing with regards to airsoft but making the government change it's policies is no simple task. I have not the time or knowledge to make a real difference so until my help is requested, or airsoft is banned outright by the government I'll keep enjoying my hobby.
Few individuals would view themselves as barbarous, no, instead they view themselves in a different light, a distorted reality that justifies who they are and what they have done.

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