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If people want to write up a letter and post it for others to critique I'm fine with that as I'm sure most others on the forums are.

It's not the job for those of us that run the forum to do FA in regards to saving airsoft. There are members who are chosing to take a role. There is a SHIT load of talk about writing letters but nobody posts what they are going to write. All we see are half baked schemes to contact the media and write a rant to anyone that will listen.

SO....don't be pointing fingers saying it's our job as it's not. If ANYONE wants to write a letter we can't stop them, and if they don't post what they are writing we can't help with editing and the like.

I agree that the letter writing on CGN is something that ( IMO ) is having some weight behind it, but you need to remember there are FAR fewer airsofters then shooters and of that number there are FAR fewer airsofters that are capable of writing something that would not be a nail in airsofts coffin.

Again....please people....if you want to write to an MP then do so, if you want to make sure it's worded in a positive and constructive way then by ALL MEANS.....POST.
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