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Can't really blame the leaders of THIS forum as there are OTHER forums out there. As well no mod on this forum has any control as to what you may or may not do outside the forum.

I really don't like that line though, "really,really don't want 'ordinary' people taking action." Well, its ordinary people that play this sport! Everyday people who are police, fire, ambulance, post office, bakers, cooks, cleaners, construction, trades, truck drivers... etc etc. Those are the people that are here and those are the people we are trying to represent to the public. Why would we want to hide the ordinary people behind odd ball people? Is it not the odd balls that are using these things improperly? I mean last I checked it was one in five thousand are likely to use their fire-arm illegally.

At the same time, even ordinary people would need some organization and backing for them to get anything viewed properly by the people we need this to get too. So there is a tight-rope here.

For the most part, there has been far too much miss-information being given out to the public concerning fire-arms and fire-arm control. My bother just came by, and he's in the RCMP. He wasn't the biggest fan of my air soft rifles, though he's amazed I have them locked up. But, in a brief conversation about it, current "registry" doesn't do squat for him, cause a bullets still a bullet.

You have people who will always find something to go nuts with. If its not a gun, than its a knife, or a baseball bat, or a hockey stick, or a cue ball in a sock! Having failed all this, anyone could still go down to Home Depot and get Peat Moss and make pipe bombs. There is no end to what resourceful people can and will do. And the only really protection against any of this stuff is education for it. And sadly, media has put out quite a bit of miss-information. But the problem is there are lots of things happening in Canada that warrants the banning of these guns also.

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