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I think you guys have been tricked. There is NOTHING difficult about activism.

On CGN they've gone the other way, it's grassroots. Everyone scans all the headlines, and when an anti-gun or pro-gun story comes up people write letters to that newspaper, in support or against. You see a thread with a bunch of people's letters they sent to the editors, and then they also get critiques on how to make their letter better next time.

But on ASC that's scary, letting ordinary people start letter writing campaigns without official guidance? God forbid. What's needed is an incredibly slow process, mostly secret, supposedly run by a handful of honest to God elitists, over a period of time spanning years - and that has no appreciable results of any kind to show for it.

I don't know why the guys running this forum were so adamant we couldn't discuss activism, maybe they were really just snobs, or maybe they were planning some sort of organization to make money from lobbying airsoft. It doesn't really matter, they had a policy and stuck by it. I even wrote the guy running the forum about it 2 years ago - they really, really, didn't want ordinary people taking action.

And since for years the press has had one-sided information (antis and police chiefs) flooding the media, the 'battle' is pretty much over. The legislation is being drafted, and we've never gotten our voice heard.

And it is directly the fault of those running this forum, for refusing it to be used for organizational or activist purposes. The only good thing to come from their stubbornness was that in the future they can be used as a great example for others.
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