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Didn't they try some form of licencing for crossbows many moons ago? I think it was going to be $60 for 5 years, but it was never brought into force. What if they did the same sort of thing for any airgun or airsoft related guns?

Although if the government couldn't get it done for crossbows, they probably might not want to bother with airsoft.. but it's worth a shot.

I personally think it would help if airguns and airsoft were lumped together into a single category. When some people think about airguns, they think about kids shooting tin cans and that boy from the Christmas Story who almost shot his eye out. Lately the word airsoft = replica firearms, idiots using them irresponsibly, and are sometimes used in crimes. Not a very positive image.

It's easy for most people here (ASC) to act responsibly when it comes to airsoft, but it's other people actions that ruin it for all. Whether it be dumb kids or those who wish to use them to commit crimes. I agree with those who think some type of licencing might be the answer.

Regardless, whatever is to be done.. it needs to start now.
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