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Originally Posted by Pip View Post
But even still, i don't see the threat from weapons that cannot be modified to fire live or blank ammunition. But if that route fails, then one option might be to class airsoft in the same group as pellet guns/airguns, because essentially airsoft guns are the same (a means of projecting a small object, in our case a plastic bb as opposed to a lead or copper pellet or bb) :S

Oh and just to clarify, as of this moment ASC has 14,870 registered users, so not exactly a small number. And remember there are many players who are not registered on ASC, if we included players on local forums the number would be higher.
It's the gov't's "major step" to stop gun violence to please soccer moms.

Without replicas on the streets, they can fire at will against people who are carrying firearms without much aftermath instead of "RCMP killed suspect with toy gun" on major headlines across the country.
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