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I agree we should have a discussion to find our goals, so ill get the ball rolling.

I personally want to see, not quite looser airsoft boarder laws, but a simplified way of getting ones across the boarder. If this means filling out a Canadian Customs paper, im fine with that, because lest face it, its not like you are ordering a new gun everyday.

There should also be far more standardized way of finding the speed of the guns, because all it takes is one person doing a cronograph wrong, and the gun is labeled illegal.

Also, you must be 18 or older to buy an airsoft gun(at least up here in Terrace, i dont know about you city folks), this is a very good rule because, while not all 18 year olds are responcible, most will obey the law and use proper safety gear when playing the game. Now im not foolish, i know that some people get the guns while being underaged, but at least this limits these people, because i know this can have bad endings, like a week ago a few teens from out of town started shooting at bistandards in my town, however this is the first time, and its could of easily been paintballs which would of done far more damage.

I find it unfair that airsoft is being black listed, because if u look at the stats, sorry to use paintball again, paintball is far more dangerous and there have been far more random shooting on the street from it.

I know i got a little sidetracked there, but the fact remains the same, we must work together to find a solution that is a fair and just one, so i ask all of you to voice your opinions of what we should do about the problem in question, because is you dont, you will be the silent masses and the crazy ass soccer moms will walk all over us until we have to airsoft or anything of the like for fun.

I would also like to say i could represent the North-west of B.C. should we make an "Airsoft Union".


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