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Um, I think a lot of people misunderstand the PAL license. It does not regrister your fire-arms to you, you have to keep a SEPARATE piece of documentation for that WITH the gun at all times. The PAL merely permits one to "Possess" and "Acquire" Hence P.A.L. "Possession and Acquisition License." See, we would be licensed to Acquire new airsoft rifles, and possess the ones we already have. Nothing to do with Registry! Registry only uses the PAL license number to you as an identifier for the proper registered person of regristry document that you have to keep. Its like using your Drivers license as ID!

I don't think it should just cover airsoft, why not propose a BB branch? That way they can get BB guns of all kinds out of the hands of minors who are the ones Soccer moms are scared for, and the ones that are using them illy.

Also, making this classification would open up channels for police to deal with people who are using these air-rifles/pistols of all kinds unsafely. For instance, lil billy wants a bb gun for christmas, but his dad is afraid he'll put his eye out. Finally after long bouts of what nots, daddy uses his PAL to acquire a bb gun for his kid. Kid shoots out his eye out, daddy is left their in shit because SOMEONE had to get that kid the gun. OR, it opens up more grounds for police to go after retailers who sell to minors knowingly. Because, now it'd be like Cigarettes and you'd have to show proper documentation to purchase the damn things!

What does everyone think is so hard about the PAL? You take a test! Its all multiple choice and then a practical test. It takes a weekend! At the end of it, you laugh and think what idiots there must be out there to need this stuff! But there are idiots, and there are lots of them, and they seem to be breeding like jack rabbits.

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