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Originally Posted by Freedom Fighter View Post
Online petitions are really a waste of time as they take zero effort, thus merit no action.

PAL is for real firearms and should not, and can not include airsoft. If they wanted to create a new and simple AIRSOFT licence so be it. Maybe all persons purchasing and using airsoft guns should have to carry a licence but once again the issue of no serial numbers voids the validity of the entire system with the only benifit being the government would still make a buck.

ASC has already done it's best with the 18+ rule. Other than that there is not much that will come through this site. It'd be nice to stick together and all that jazz but noone here can really agree on much of anything so as mentioned previously any real results (if any) will come from individual action.
Totally agree, what would a PAL or any licence system that the government could throw at us accomplish? beside making more money off our asses... ASC has been as responsible and official as it can be with maintaining a no b/s 18+ rule, backed up and run by age reps all over the country. Take that to the Gov't if it would do anything to show that all of the newspaper incidents, are not perpetrated by members of our ASC community.
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