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Originally Posted by frankiet View Post
True, its not their responsibility, but it is somebody's responsibility. There needs to be a place to obtain this information. We've all heard the old "ignorance of the law is no excuse", but in this case where does one find these things out. If they end up changing their playbood, then so be it. Until that happens, I'm pestering my MP to get this information. It's preposterous that we can't get something in writing.

Example, I get busted selling an AEG firing at 450 fps. I get charged because it is deemed to be a replica and transferring of a replica is illegal. My arguement is that I am ignorant to the law. I have sent several letters to the Chief Scientist of the RCMP requesting classification of this exact AEG. The Chief Scientist is the person everybody keeps referring me to. So in my defence (just playing devil's advocate), how the hell am I supposed to know if it is legal or not? I am making every attempt not to knowingly break the law.
Ignorance of the law is not a valid defense... it may buy you some slack in sentencing... but it is not a defense.

The whole 407 fps thing is a non starter..

if airsoft guns fire at a velocity sufficient to bring them under the classification of a firearm... then all the rules of firearms must apply.

including requiring a PAL to buy .. and possess.. as well as restrictions on selective fire weapons... ( semi auto only ) and restrictions on magazine capacity ( 5 rounds only )

If you have a airsoft gun that fires over 500 fps and fires full auto and you have highcap magazines.. and a silencer for the thing.... well you have just Broken pretty much every law in the book ....

You can't pick and choose which statutes of the law will apply... the entire law applies...

How can you import an object as a firearm... and sell it as something else.. we are in the same pickle as now...

You can't import a prohibited device ( replica ) and sell it as something else..
Which is exactly what importers have been doing...Hedging on the fuzzyness of the definition of airsoft guns as falling between toys and replicas... well that fuzzyness is gone...

Airsoft guns are replica firearms FULL STOP there is not a loophole... there is not an escape.. the guys who have done a lot of research .. and based a business on that research know this to be true and in the new enforcment environment ... what did they do?

They shut the doors...

If you read the law... you will very shortly see... its effective .. and if enforced will stop the trade in replicas.. ( including airsoft guns ) utterly
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