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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Your assuming that "they" would even want to tell you anything at all. Why should they, it's not "their" responsibility to inform you of anything. Don't bother pursuing the "replica" angle, as it's a waste of time and "they" are not interested in a protracted fight on this issue. "They" can simply ask the OIC to prohibit all of them, period.

Then it wouldn't much matter about a few FPS here or there.

When the time comes for larger community involvement, all stakeholders will be informed.
True, its not their responsibility, but it is somebody's responsibility. There needs to be a place to obtain this information. We've all heard the old "ignorance of the law is no excuse", but in this case where does one find these things out. If they end up changing their playbood, then so be it. Until that happens, I'm pestering my MP to get this information. It's preposterous that we can't get something in writing.

Example, I get busted selling an AEG firing at 450 fps. I get charged because it is deemed to be a replica and transferring of a replica is illegal. My arguement is that I am ignorant to the law. I have sent several letters to the Chief Scientist of the RCMP requesting classification of this exact AEG. The Chief Scientist is the person everybody keeps referring me to. So in my defence (just playing devil's advocate), how the hell am I supposed to know if it is legal or not? I am making every attempt not to knowingly break the law.
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