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I dont normally post on ASC. Ususally i just read post for humour sake.

I do find it interesting how many people on here throw ideas and gripes back and forth. Mean while on other boards people are going to great lengths orginizing meetings with everyone from NFA to the RCMP and the DND.

I think if your not going to add something you are doing to assist the cause you need to stop talking about it.

Macguyver has it right. Takl about "the wierdest place youve found a BB" and put a possitive spin back on our sport. The more trash gets talked, the less progress gets made and less reason those who ARE doing something about it are going to be motivated to keep going.

Support your sport. Quit trying to close it down in spirit. After all, its the spirit that we play with thats going to get us through this.
Don't bitch about you day or the price on something. A Canadian soldier died so you might enjoy today.

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