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Thanks for the feedback. I probably should have held off on sending the email so that it could be proofread like it is right now. That being said, i think the gist of my email is still valid. Inaccuracies in the minor details can always be corrected later, and comparisons to other sports like paintball or softair can be made at a later time or in a manner that cndzn suggested to me - in a meeting between my MP and the team he manages, SIR.

I think his idea is fantastic because it would bring out the "true believers" of the sport and show MP Savoie that we play by the rules and want everyone else to, as well. SIR can also put on a demonstration to show how the game is played and perhaps bringing out paintball or softair guns to illustrate the differences and similarities.

The reason why I mentioned that airsoft leaves welts etc is because there's no point in trying to sugar-coat what we do. Airsoft is fun, but it does come with a price and it can be painful and obviously, a little dangerous. that adds to the fun factor, as long as safety rules are set and abided by. airsoft is no more dangerous than paintball and arguably less painful (i've never played paintball so i wouldn't know), so we do have that going for us.

I'll be sure to mention the necessary corrected facts in my reply email. I will post her reply when it arrives.
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