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Originally Posted by Oddjob View Post
I'd like to point out something from my past experience with LE and this website. If you've posted here, they've tracked who you are. [assumption]If you posted what equipment you own or have done trades in B&S they know what you own (roughly).[/assumption]

ASC is a free registry that LE can use. It might be hard to believe but I've had full print outs of topics thrown in my face by LE before, and they knew exactly who I was.

*Edit - It was not airsoft related, just thought I'd say.
I find this very hard to believe. The only way they can track who you are through posts on this forum is by tracing the IP address back to your ISP and getting personal information from them.

The day I hear that they got my identity by doing that without having a warrant, or some other legal documentation that states that they can do so is the day that my lawyer gets involved.

I don't see ASC as being a free registry. There is no way that they can just go around digging up people's personal information just because they posted on a forum that centers around a controversial sport. That is a HUGE invasion of privacy.
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