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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
That was then. Now, today, they no longer care. All are considered replicas. They no longer want to invest effort in splitting a legal hair. The CBSA will seize it PERIOD and let the CITT sort it out. The can enforce seizure how they see fit, whether we agree to its merits or not.

That sort of takes away the velocity argument, doesn't it?
But this is why I want to see guidelines in writing. Yes they can seize anything, but they cannot indiscriminantly destroy things. Yes they can tie things up for an eternity, but until I see something in writing that all airsoft are replicas, then I'll keep investigating that avenue. Right now, most airsoft is considered replicas, but they are dealt with on a case by case basis. Either way, the issue must be pressed. I have requested guidelines in writing several times, and received zero responses. I've even given a specific example of an AEG from UNCompany shooting 450, and received no response. I may be reading between the lines, but I'm interpreting their lack of response as a weakness. They don't want to commit to anything in writing because it could open the floodgates. If they are all replicas, I'm sure I would have received that word immediately.
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