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Originally Posted by frankiet View Post
Since you're importing it, you could never prove it was a firearm in the first place, and like Kalnaren said, you've got yourself a replica.

All dewats must first be a registered firearm until it is verified by a CFC verifier to in fact be a dewat. If it would be a prohib prior to deactivation, then you must possess a 12-class license that covers that class of firearm.

Basically, importing a dewat is unavailable for all but a very small group of valid license holders.

Quite frankly, this whole discussion is useless. Everyone with the finger capacity to type but with the mental capacity of a 16 year old "I want it so it must be ok" menality is absolutely appaling.

You guys have no clue how the system actually works, your suggestions are ridiculous to say the least and you have no meaningful responses to the problem at hand.

Far more experienced people are doing far more behind-the-scenes and quite frankly I'm not going to get into it here as it doesn't concern ASC and they will have no bearing on what actions are taken. The members on ASC could not even agree on the colour of shit, let alone a complex legal manoever.

What does happen will happen and those involved reach deeper than this discussion. Don't even bother to post up asking what I'm talking about, because I won't waste my time explaining it. What will happen will happen and it will be spearheaded from the West.
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