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Originally Posted by cndzn View Post
I agree that as a community something should be done, however I dont see a recognised governing body of National Airsoft clubs/team here in Canada.....yet. I would suggest that at least by starting a dialoge with a Fed MP as lordosborne has done its a start in the right direction. Maybe some of the details are not what. Do you really think straight off an MP is going to be bothered with specific details on each particular weapon??

Until we have a governing body that can speak for ALL of us and act on the behalf of ALL of us, what lordosborne has done is at least start something positive. Will the MP take notice??...who knows?...but at least some havent sat on their arse, talked the talked but arent prepared to walk the walk.

For a national governing body of airsofters here in Canada I will donate 100$ to start the fund. And for every Age Verification I do I will donate 10$. If ALL age verified members donated 10$ each, if may give us some funding to at least do this properly. I would also suggest if monies allow, someone is paid maybe even part time to look into this and act/open dialogue with those in the authority to screw our sport.

As some have said, we do need a united front, and that takes funding.

Whats next?
I agree, we do need a united front. But we need to agree with our mission. Unfortunately, not everybody in airsoft has the same motive. Some want to play, some want to buy, some want to import, and some want to sell. Perhaps before placing our faith in some members, we should make sure they are fighting for what we all want.
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