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there would be no point in taking any thing out becuase in order for a Fire arm to be considered Deactivated you need to fallow certain steps witch in the end render the air soft gun usless Or real fire arm usless e.g. =

"A hardened steel blind pin of bore diameter or
larger must be force fit through the barrel at the
chamber, and where practical, simultaneously
through the frame or receiver, to permanently
prevent chambering of ammunition. Furthermore,
the blind pin must be permanently welded in place
so that the exposed end of the pin is completely
covered by weld. The strength and hardness of
the weld must be that of the metal used in the
construction of the firearm. In the case of firearms
having calibres greater than 12.7 mm (.5 inch), the
pin need not be larger in diameter than 12.7 mm.
In the case of multi-barrelled firearms, all barrels
must be pinned, using as many pins as necessary
to block all chambers."

and after that:
"the firearm must first be
confirmed by a gunsmith, to no longer be considered a
firearm as per the definition of a "firearm" in S. 2 of the
Criminal Code."

That was just an idea of what you have to do for it to become Deactivated
here is the link if you would like to read more:
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