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Originally Posted by trufret View Post
correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression that if the gun was over 407 fps it was no longer a replica and no longer required a BFL to import.

at least the how the FAQ put it across. although like I said if it was done on an individual basis the cost would be quite high but if a retailer did it they probably would stop checking every gun one most of them passed.
well... according to the same memmorandum, under "Weapons not considered to be firearms" it states under section (d) Any other barrelled weapon, where it is proved that the weapon is not designed or adapted to discharge: (1) a shot, bullet or other projectile at a muzzle velocity exceeding 152.4m (500)ft per second; or (2) a shot, bullet or other projectile that is designed or adapted to attain a velocity exceeding 152.4m (500)ft per second. It seems to me the restriction is 500ft/s

what i dont understand is how increasing the fps would allow you to get it in?
Increasing it puts it under the firearms section, not the replica section. Then, if you try to import it on your own, would you not get in WORSE shit with customs?

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