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Originally Posted by thephenom View Post
Trying to do something should deserve some credit, I agree with that, but you can't exactly appreciate it when the msg being conveyed isn't very clear nor very positive. It's like having a friend to take a look at your car while he knows a bit about cars but not yet mechanic level, you appreciate the effort, but once he starts screwing up your car, it's not that well received anymore.

We do need to do something, but we need to do something together rather than every single person on the forum bombarding different versions of pretty much the same letter to our MP or MPPs.
While I agree with you that doing something together would produce better ideas, I disagree with discouraging everybody to send letters. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. One letter, know matter how nicely done, will not have the same effect as thousands of letters. Sure, let the senior guys do their thing. But I think everybody has a part.

I've heard lots of members here ask those senior guys what they're doing, but in all reality, I don't think that their strategy should be discussed on a public forum that we KNOW is monitored by the people trying to destroy this hobby. That is the unfortunate part. Short of getting together in person, or on the phone, it is hard to co-ordinate a 'plan of attack'. This is why I encourage everybody to write to their MPs.

Personally, I'm not asking to change the Criminal Code. It won't happen. Our problem is that everybody considers airsoft to be trapped in this 'grey area'. THERE IS NO GREY AREA. We need, in writing, to know where the law stands. We need to know the guidelines on muzzle velocities. We need to be able to challenge the 'RCMP BB test'. All this requires information. Information that the RCMP and Customs are doing their best to avoid giving in writing. I'm 'encouraging' my MP to obtain this information. Then we have something we can work with.
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