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Before I begin, and you get the wrong idea, I'd just like to commend you for taking action. I believe your medium (a letter to your MP) was appropriate and you did a decent job. However, I believe I should clear something up. Airsoft are not all replicas. Most stock guns are, especially TMs, but some CAs are borderline due to their muzzle velocity, and they are classified on a case by case basis.

Originally Posted by lordosborne View Post
Airsoft guns and the sport in general are in a grey area at the moment. They are technically a replica firearm, but do not qualify as such because the velocity of the pellets is less than that of a deadly weapon (which is listed at 450 feet per second. airsoft guns usually operate at around 200-350 fps.).
Actually, incorrect. Because they fire under 407 fps (in Custom's eyes), not 450 fps, that is exacty WHY they are considered replicas. Although the muzzle velocity number was 'proven' (and I use that term loosely) by an RCMP test to be 335 fps.

If you have already sent the letter, well, it's too late to correct it. If you haven't sent it, please try to clarify.

I encourage everybody to pepper their MPs with letters, but pretty please, with sugar on top, do the fuckin research. You'll get a better response if you are knowlegeable on the topic.

Again, Lordosborne, I commend you for doing something about it.
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