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Originally Posted by cndzn View Post
Regardless of who says what, people will always have differing opinions on where someone should start, what words to use, etc etc.

From a local perspective I fully support lordosborne, at least he is trying to do something. Most will sit back and wait, wait for what may or maynot happen, the slow demise of airsoft. Any help I can offer to him I am only too willing to.

I posted a while ago on another thread that I would be the first to donate $100 to a properly run and managed National Fund for Airsoft, using the money for the perhaps the education of those that make the rules we all live by here in Canada. Maybe organised demonstrations of exactly what airsoft it is conducted might help. Who knows?..All I do know is lets try something.

Anyone else want to contribute??
Trying to do something should deserve some credit, I agree with that, but you can't exactly appreciate it when the msg being conveyed isn't very clear nor very positive. It's like having a friend to take a look at your car while he knows a bit about cars but not yet mechanic level, you appreciate the effort, but once he starts screwing up your car, it's not that well received anymore.

We do need to do something, but we need to do something together rather than every single person on the forum bombarding different versions of pretty much the same letter to our MP or MPPs.
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