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Originally Posted by lordosborne View Post
Airsoft pellets can easily poke eyes out, so glasses or goggles are an absolute must. airsoft rarely pierces the skin, except the most powerful guns at very close range
Errrrr....that says to me, "Hi, please lend me your support and let me continue to play this sport where eyes and other bodily injury can be easily obtained."

I suppose it's a good start, but some of the wording needs to be changed. For example, try contrasting airsoft injuries vs paintball (where huge bruises can occur) in a sense you're trying to down play airsoft injuries instead of saying "Airsoft is a great sport with a good degree of injuries involved.

And no disrespect on being in the Force, but starting it off to say you're in the force to gain credit doesn't float well IMO, sounds like you're just a gun nut. As much as we are probably gun nuts, it doesn't sound convincing that it's a sport for "regular" people. Like it would be more compelling sort of speak if one comes out to say, I'm a Doctor or Professor or just a regular Joe Sixpack who enjoys the military "re-enactment" as a hobby.

I'm probably not all that clear on this, but hope you get the basic feel of what I'm trying to cut across.
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