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Originally Posted by frankiet View Post
Go to UNCompany website. They have a service. Let's do the math. I'll teach...

M4A1 $222
Upgrade to 450 fps $90
Shipping $50 (ranges anywhere between $45-$75)

This comes to $362 US or about $415 CDN. Add about $85 for duties and taxes, and you've got a $500 AEG. Plus you've got some spare parts (sell them to recoup your cost. That's about the price you would have paid at A&A or ASCA.

It might work. Care to try. If I were indepentantly wealthy, without a second thought, I would have already done it.

Yea... but dont forget, you dont have the licence to import it... so tack on like another 200 bucks to make it worthwhile for someone with the licence to import it....

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