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hello, i must say this is a truly valid point of discussion, and i agree fully. I know this has already been stated but it can NOT be pointed out enough, we must all contact our M.P.s and tell them what a load of BS this is. as far as i know there are not fatalitities related to airsoft, and honestly paintball is far more dangerous, but they havent done anything against that, however they will. so if we dont unite and work together these soccer moms will continue to walk all over us and take away everything, first airsoft, then paintall, then who knows maybe even our beloved FPS, hell i would be suprised if they outlawed cap guns. I have always loved airsoft, and its so much fun, and it is made so much more fun if the guns you are using look close tot he real thing, and anyways they have to have alteast a 1.5cm blaze orange tip at the end of the barrel, i have no problem with this, and i think i can speak for many in saying we will take the orange tip over not having and guns

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