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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Well, if someone has an assload of money and can get a foreign retailer to swap out the spring it could be worth experimenting with...
Go to UNCompany website. They have a service. Let's do the math. I'll teach...

M4A1 $222
Upgrade to 450 fps $90
Shipping $50 (ranges anywhere between $45-$75)

This comes to $362 US or about $415 CDN. Add about $85 for duties and taxes, and you've got a $500 AEG. Plus you've got some spare parts (sell them to recoup your cost. That's about the price you would have paid at A&A or ASCA.

It might work. Care to try. If I were indepentantly wealthy, without a second thought, I would have already done it.
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