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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
I think the problem there is that responsibility to prove that is on the importer, which means the guns would probably have to be tested, etc. etc. The other problem is once imported, would the higher springs not have to be taken out and replaced with lower power springs? I could only forsee this increasing the cost of airsoft guns, either that or everyone plays with a 410+ fps gun... which seems a little unsafe to me.
I've thought of that in the past, and wondered how cost effective it would be. I came to the conclusion that doing so would be comparable to ASCA prices at the time (maybe a tad higher), which didn't warrant any kind of experiment. Now, desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm sure it will be done, if it hasn't been already. Just curious how long Customs will hold the AEG. My guess would be... well, you'd get your tax return faster.
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