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Originally Posted by frankiet View Post
Oh, and back to my original question... IS THE SKY FALLING YET?!?
Well really... it fell in 1998 when replicas became prohibited devices...

The possession of replicas is certainly legal... so there is no change to our ability as owners of replicas to use them in a responsible manner.

What has really happened over the past few months is that Customs, and Law enforcement has made it pretty clear that thay don't think there is any "grey" area with respect to the classifying of Airsoft guns as replicas.

And neither should we...

What this means is that effectivly the trade in airsoft guns is gone.. we can no longer presume that the "foggy" definition of airsoft guns will protect us from Criminal Charges. This is exactly why retailers are getting out of the business....They know that the basis of their business is the sale of replica firearms to individuals .. which was in the past tolerated by the law...But seems to be much less so now....

To address the whole PAL issue and the required changes to the Firearms Act and the CCC that would be required to achieve our aim of licensing the sale of replicas to individuals...

One question... Why should they? of what value to society is allowing the licensed sale of replicas to individuals? Other than enabling this tiny community to continue to enjoy its passtime without hinderance?

Who would loose anything if this community was extinguished? and ground out of existance by the drying up of all sources of airsoft guns?.. other than us?

The current laws and restrictions serve well enough to make replicas available to those who have legitimate need in the eyes of the law. Specifically for theatrical and movie/ television production industry and for training purposes.

I simply can not see any support in lawmakers to re-jig laws to allow us to get more replica guns to play our games...

For me... what this means is I need to get a BFL
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