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Originally Posted by trufret View Post
If all else fails, and hopefully we can work something out with the government. I'm wondering since it was determined the 407 FPS was the magic number for serious injury. Could retailers bring in 3rd party gun ( UNcompany custom, WGC custom. ect.) that have been pre upgraded to 410+ FPS. I remember when TMs out west we found to not cause serious injury so every gun from TM was suddenly no available. If a retailer were to bring in only 3rd party 410+ fps gun with documentation from the company about it's specs could we get those in?
I think the problem there is that responsibility to prove that is on the importer, which means the guns would probably have to be tested, etc. etc. The other problem is once imported, would the higher springs not have to be taken out and replaced with lower power springs? I could only forsee this increasing the cost of airsoft guns, either that or everyone plays with a 410+ fps gun... which seems a little unsafe to me.

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