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One thing history has taught me is that it's been absolutely fruitless to discuss things on a discussion board that require input, collaboration and action. Unless ASC is going to become a SharePoint Server...

If you are really serious about doing things the right way, then you'll use the right methodology.

If you want to do this right you will need the following;

1. Committed action members who will project manage the entire process of gathering required information
2. A signed off strategy of what is to be achieved
3. Subject matter experts
4. Funds for subject matter experts
5. An understanding and acceptance of any resolution based on the outcome

Honestly - thread after thread of this topic does not amount to the one-ply that the warehouse stalls use. There's a maturity scale to all of this - perhaps maybe the reason why you DON'T see 'senior' members of community posting here.

I guess i'll call Hojo seeing how I am pretty sure I won't get an answer to what's left in stock now that this is +10 pages.
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