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Originally Posted by Daes View Post
And if you had done your reading on Airsoft laws and legalities around the world in this great quest for saving Canada, you would know that Airsoft in Australia is ILLEGAL. People are doing work on this that KNOW what they are doing, they bother to read and research. You need to stop mouthing off and start looking at the situation beyond face value. Talk is cheap... Do some research and give us something other then idle chatter and quick "solutions".
First of all - when I stated that I would move to Australia or Japan it would not be for airsoft... don't assume. It it would be for the legendary RHD vehicles that I admire so much and are very affordable amongst the modifications for them.

Secondly, you are very brave to start an argument esp. after many posts have been stating NOT TO DO SO over this particular issue.

You act so tough defending these people - LIST THEM. Who and What are they doing? I have yet to see anyone of "these people" post something in regards to what is being done currently. The past is the past - let's move on and find a solution for now.

I need to stop mouthing off?... How about the fact that I have started an online petition that is now being signed by fellow Quebec airsofters as well as some retail owners? How about the fact that I AM BEING PRO-ACTIVE rather than mouthing off as you say... Unlike you who just pissed in my coffee posting these direct insults to me.

As for doing research, how about the fact that I have spent nearly 16 hours now doing much research and making contacts including fellow family friends both in the provincial (Ontario) and federal levels of government for their advise on the situation. Unlike you, I haven't been just talking the talk, I have been walking too... have some respect.Give me one week and you will see something major that I have done (as I idle here so much - hah)... so don't come bitching at me once the news slaps you across the face.

Think twice as much as you speak/write and you might actually have something worthwhile to

"It is better to be hated for something you do, then to be hated for something you don't do".

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