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the 335 fps thing has been argued to death for years, Peter Kang of APEC (Xtreme Precision) the first guy to import airsoft guns into Canada since 1994 has been battling the government for years using that argument. In the end, if the government wants to ban something, there isn't any way you can stop them. We've talked to the chief firearms officer, MP's, government officials, RCMP. It seems like no matter who you talk to, nothing ever happens. We've even shot a cow's eye and done ballistic testing to show that airsoft guns can indeed cause "bodily harm" and still to no avail. Even if we kill a cow in front of their face with an airsoft gun they'll still say it does not cause bodily harm. I guess they want us to upgrade our airsoft guns so powerful till we kill each other to be exempt from the replica classification!

As more firearms related crimes happen in our country, you'll start to see more action taken by the government and law enforcement to crack down on things like airsoft guns and paintball guns.

It really pisses me off that our government seems so clueless and ignorant in regulating guns in our country. Its gotten to the point where they are just saying "ban em all, real or fake, no guns period". Sometimes I really wonder who these people are and how the hell did they become politicians.

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