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It seems that this thread has gotten off topic from the original subject, so hell, why not?

Is the sky falling yet? If so, why all the sudden is the sky falling? The last major thread devoted to "airsoft paranoia" was

I would like to point out that the thread was graciously deposited into the Trash Disposal, contrary to several requests to actually have it Stickied. Apparently the higher ups, who we are now counting on to save our beloved hobby didn't agree with it's direction and thought it was better to bury it. Several people, most notably HoJo, and Brian M, both of whom I have the utmost respect for, both believed that the sky WAS NOT falling. What is the difference between the guys out West getting shut down and somebody in Markham? NOTHING. Now all the sudden, because of a coinciding announcement that ASCA was not importing, we run around begging for direction from the very people that ignored the warning signs.

Petitions aren't going to help. Getting the boys together to have another late night study session to write a letter isn't going to be any different than the last one. It seems the people who get together to write this up are the ones eager to make money off it. The only solution lies in the CCC. There is room for interpretation. Even the Firearms Act leaves wiggle room. They define the AEGs on a case by case basis. Although the RCMP refuse to put it in writing for me, in a phone conversation with the person behind the forensic testing I was told that anything above their threshold (about 335 fps), is not a replica, and therefore good to go. Why have the airsoft community refused to exploit this? I have been struggling to get this in writing, but to no avail. Why would they? I have written several letters, and not a single one has been replied to. That would open the floodgates. Even a Customs technician told me (again, they refuse to send me anything in writing), they would allow anything in that was deemed not to be a replica by the RCMP. In other words, 335 fps. Problem is, without anything in writing, we are taking huge risks. We are being either ignored, or prosecuted.

Perhaps we should redirect some energy towards this. The trashed thread has some valuable information that may warrant a second look.

Oh, and back to my original question... IS THE SKY FALLING YET?!?
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