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Possession of a Prohibited Device
Thats the only thing that irks me.

I agree with droc... and when a thread doesnt get "droc'd" with his usual sense of humor... were all in big trouble. I now understand why ASCA stopped imporing airsoft guns, and they were smart to do so ahead of the game, as unfortunate as it may be for us. Ive talked to several brokers about the laws pertaining to airsoft and import. I wanted an answer once and for all, and i hold in my hand a copy of "Memorandum D19-13-2" from Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Which pertains to the import and trafficing airsoft guns. Airsoft is officially Declared as a "replica firearm" and as such you require a business firearms license to be able to import airsoft guns.

It states "Most Airsoft Guns are considered replica firearms as defined in subsection 84(1) of the criminal code. They are clearly designed not only to resemble a firearm with near precision but also to resemble a specific and readily identifiable make and model of firearm. Due to their strong resemblance to real firearms and their lack of a capacity to cause serious bodily injury, air soft guns are replica firearms."

Under the Replica Firearms Section, it states that
"9. A replica firearm is a prohibited device under both the Firearms Act and tariff item 9898.00.00 of the Customs Tariff and may not be imported by residents or non residents.
10. Replica firearms may lawfully be imported into Canada only with a Firearms Business Licence issued by a Cheif Firearms Officer that clearly states the named business may import prohibited devices, e.g., bu the movie industry for use as props, and import permit issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT)."

Nowhere does it state that it is illegal to own or operate airsoft guns on private property, Theoretically, you could shoot your airsoft guns in your backyard (ONLY if you own the property and are not renting, And dont be surprised if the neighbors call the police to pay you a visit with guns drawn... usually after something like that, they would demand that you hand it over to be destroyed... legal or not.) As long as the people in the community are mature enough to lockup their guns when not in use, keep it away from public eyes. There is NO reason why we cant continue this sport.

1) Keep Your Guns in a locked case (when not in use, or transporting)
2) It has to be transported in the trunk of your car (Cant bring on public transportation)
3) Do not let the public see it
4) Only take it out of the case when at a game, or on private property that you own (or have permission to use from the owner)

If you follow the simple + obvious rules (youd think it was common knowledge), you should have NO problems with the police seizing your guns.

The reason the police seize from private owners is because through their actions, they have deemed themselves not responsible enough to own/operate replica firearms and therefore, why they are usually destroyed.

The media will have a field day over this every time, because irrisponsible players give the paranoid people what they want to hear. They look real to the public, and to their eyes, it IS real. You cannot educate the public, if the players are not educated enough. Educate the players, and you show responsibility to the public that we are responsible enough to play airsoft. Only then, will the public understand.

If you people have questions about airsoft or dont know how to properly handle it, Ask... thats why we are here. That is the Responsible thing to do.

Moral of the story: If you arnt mature/responsible enough to play airsoft... DONT

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