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Technically the price of airsoft guns would go down if they were considered firearms. Look at prices in the US, then in Canada - the difference is the import difficulties. Then compare prices of firearms in the US and in Canada, they're near parity.

I read one post where one guy recommended that someone type up a letter that represents what we all want and everyone uses that letter to send to MP's.
Yea we tried that a few times, but before we could even get a mission statement together we got the friendly admins letting us know we ought to stfu.

As you've heard by now, it's all been tried before so you shouldn't try, and there are things going on you couldn't comprehend. The proper term is 'Elitist', and maybe I'm prejudiced or maybe it's no co-incidence, but the elitists mostly seem to reside in or near Ontario. Who'd 'a figured.

What we need is a devolution of aspects of the criminal code down to provincial levels, giving the feds control of things that only affect more than one province. That way Ont. could live in their paradise they're creating and leave the rest of us alone.
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