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If you've been keeping track of recent events on this forum, you'll no doubt have noticed that Airsoft in Canada is in a very delicate state right now. Allow me to explain a little:

Canada has very strict gun laws. It is illegal for a Canadian citizen to own a replica gun. While by the word of the law airsoft guns are not replicas, our law enforcement community treats them like they are. This makes it very, very difficult to get airsoft guns in Canada. Our best retailer has just stopped importing them because of issues with the CBSA (Canada Border Security Agency, aka Canada Customs). At the moment, we only have 3 retailers that sell airsoft guns in the entire country. The licenses they need to import these guns are very expensive, and this in turn makes the guns very, very expensive. My Classica Army G36 cost the equivalent of 858 DEM (680 CAD).

This raises the question of you borowing a gun. While this is possible, you now have the problem that you're only 16. Because of the above mentioned legal problems in Canada, the airsoft community has adopted a universal "18 to own and play" rule. Having said that, at 16 you may be allowed to play, if two things happen:

1) Your host family signs a waiver and takes full legal responsibility for you playing, and
2) Comes out with you to every game you play.

Both of the above are highly unlikely if your host family has never heard of airsoft. Most of the citizens in Canada have a very negative view of guns, even fake ones.

Finally, the other thing you need to take into consideration is the conditions of your exchange. I assume you're doing this through Rotary International? I'm pretty sure they have rules that would prevent you from doing anything like this. And considering your host family would probably need to sign a waiver, I can guarantee they'd hear about it.

It might be smarter and easier for you to forgo playing while you're in Canada. It's only a year after all. I'm sure all out in BC would love to have you at their games, but all things considered it doesn't look like it would be easy to do by any means.

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