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Kusiami, Of course it wont. I'm going to try not to reply anymore in here either. Trying not to make this a chat room - Guys, if anyone out there has been in the sport a really, really long time, what can we do that’s positive?

- can we agree on a name's list of airsoft supporters? -
- can we agree on getting a letter wrote for someone to present with the list of names? -
- can we find out who player's respect and will trust that will be pro-active and actually take and responsibly present this information to,- if people are flaming G.C? I know he has time to work on this, and wants to work on it. Some folks list HJ to do it, and others, but can they and do they have time? if not, is it possible for whomever is the 'key' person - to respect the rest of the forums vote of which people they respect and have I guess an 'elders committee'?
there’s my ideas. I don’t want flaming or 'this wont work' - instead of 'this wont work' it could be- cg - it's a good idea but HJ doesn’t have time -
alright, now we have a solution - or cg - 'fuck the petition idea' - instead list why Canadian players names won’t matter and maybe what an alternate method could be.
Im sorry, I know I'm yammering a lot.. I step back now and leave this thread in the hands of those that know more about this then I do..
I'm here to help though even if I'm naive in my n00bness.

(HJ- sorry sorry hon to use your name as an example, I didnt know who else to list since your name's come up a bunch.. mean nothing by it... cheers.)
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