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U.S.A.S.O.C. Third Issue (FREE FOR ALL!)

Hi guys,
I just wanted to let you know that the third issue of U.S.A.S.O.C. is out now. It has 90+ pages of content this issue. Check it out at: Now what’s in the third issue? Well for one, if you didn’t come back to see the new layout design for the first and second issues, this is probably the first time you are seeing the new design. We like it, and we hope you do too. In our third issue, we get to preview the new Type 97 from Real Sword, Team Hidden Sword is interviewed; we also have several reviews for this issue; I review the KJW M700 Takedown version (for you gas gun fans); and a bonus review of the MPEG GB MP5-SD6, which was given to us courtesy of AirSplat! More tactics are discussed as well. Now I know most of you guys out there want a more in-depth tactical section (different ways to clear rooms/etc) so in the next issue, that is what I’ll start to cover. Also, as promised, you’ll learn how to construct your very own ghille suit. Now you veterans of airsoft out there may be thinking, “Oh great…another bogus way to create a ghille suit…” Well, I think you’ll think differently on this. Thanks to David Wilson who has allowed us to use his great article on to creating a ghille suit. I think you all will like as much as I did. We have one new section entitled “Canadian Airsoft.” We hope to keep this up for future issues, but I can’t promise anything. Make sure to check out the website sections. We have many new sites and teams added. Of course, there is news, websites, and more as well. So sit back, grab a cold one, and I hope you have fun and learn some things with our third issue of U.S.A.S.O.C.

God Bless,
Nick Petrus-Owner/Main Editor
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