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Hey guys,
originally I wasn’t going to reply to this thread, I don't want to see what's happened in the few other thread's (negativity and flame wars) happen here. This is a bit political and set's me back faintly- but... okay, I'm not afraid to admit I'm new to everything, but in my almost year of playing, I can say I adore the sport, I have a ton of fun and can say those that I've met, all rock.
On the forums, I seen a lot of people mention that something has to get done, that people need to be pro-active, yet I haven’t, until GC has tried, seen anything recently done. - Now that someone's decided to try to take action into their hands (while the 'elders' of the game have been busy I know, we all have our lives, businesses, things to do etc, no ones at fault) - its like everyone start's flaming 'oh this cant be done' - or just runs for the hills, takes cover and hides. -
Instead of flaming - or being negative, can we try a positive note? We all want to keep enjoying our sport in the future (even if we're all fuzzy about what the final result might be- and hey, if things continue as is, we'll be fine, as we have in the past). I know that GC had the intentions of starting a 'petition' - which I guess shouldn’t have been dubbed a petition to begin with, but more a 'voice of airsofters coalition' or something - (im not good with this stuff) - but with this list of names, and a letter he was going to approach the proper authorities and go down proper routes to at least start to see and hopefully ensure the future of our game.
Guys, the bottom line is, is we all love this game.. we all would like to see something done to ensure we're protected and safe to play without breaking laws.
Can we maybe have one positive feedback forum, that's here for suggestions and to host people's ideas of 'Can we... / have we tried ../ what if we's?' - instead of 'fuck you we tried that!'
I mean if petitions have been signed in the past, could GC combine all 3 lists, keep the real names on them, into 1 list- or, I don’t know.
I'm only trying to shoot out positive ideas, strip away negativity and see if we can do something.
Someone mentioned media packages, press kits, etc.. maybe pm GC and work together, we can shoot each other at field games.. there’s so many threads of negativity going around... I guess I just would like to see people work together. It doesn’t have to be GC that works at this, it could be HJ or any of the 'elders' - but how fair is it to elect someone that might not have time..
I dunno... ill insert the 'cant we all just get along' bit and post this.

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