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Originally Posted by Daes View Post
And if you had bother to read anything posted here and on ASC you would realize that people are already doing work here in Canada and that a wealth of information is available regarding what the UK went through with airsoft laws. But no, that is okay, we can just keep running around with our heads cut off sending out poorly written letters to our MP's and running useless petitions... This kind of scare happens every year and all the N00BS run around going OMFG!!!111one!!! we are all going to die. So no, drop this BS and let the PROFESSIONALS do their work. Sending our poorly written letters and petitions is not going to help the cause, only hinder it. There is no spirit being killed here, just mass hysteria of people who are acting no different then the very soccer moms at the root of the problem...
I would like to know who are those professionals you are talking about.
If work is being done can you give us some information about what they are doing? There is no information given to the comunity so poeple like Bakes are trying to do somethings.
All i know is i don't know much about law and about who to negociate with so i stay away and wait...... And i'm glad that somethings are done even if it's only petitions. It proove that someone is trying to help the Airsoft.

Thank you.
I'll be back!

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