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In need of information

Hey everyone,

I just recently decided to purchase an airsoft gun to play with some friends, and I would like some information or recommendation.

Ok, well first, up from the start I knew I wanted a pistol. After looking around, I have settled over the Tokyo Marui SIG P226 Rail Gas Blowback gun. Now I don't know if I can order from you guys or anything, but I found this and found the price to be reasonable (I hope it's not prohibited to post links, if so, please let me know, I'm not trying to go against the rules). Ok, well that's that. But being a gun buff (I own three guns in Florida), I can't buy the gun without buying metal parts for it. Looking around the site, I found this. Now I would love to hear your opinions about this kit or recommendations for another product that would be superior. I don't know anything about airsoft per se so I would like the metal parts to be easy to install.

I would also like to hear about the gun. From the reviews I have read, it's excellent.

Thank you all for your time, I appreciate it.
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