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Scarecrow, this would in fact be a tightening of restrictions. Currently, there is no way for the Feds to know precisely who has a replica, what they have or how many there really are out there.

If you needed a PAL to buy or import one, that solves the "who".

If you had to list what guns were bought or imported and list quantities, that solves the "what" and "how many".

Now, with the Feds firmly in control of what goes to whom, and records are kept in-line with what is already done for firearms, as well as the accountability of the PAL-holder for his use and trnasfer of this thing, what more could a Federal agency want?

They also realize that there are likely more than 100,000 of this things in various guises (not just airsoft) in Canada already, and more will come in one way or another. The also realize that a measure of control and legalization of certain aspects will reduce the "illegal trade", then that is already one of their primary goals. This was the reason there is a CFC in the first place.

And what Federal agency is ever going to turn away from the chance to exert more control with minimal changes to it's policies and procedures?
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