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Originally Posted by Daes View Post
This kind of scare happens every year and all the N00BS run around going OMFG!!!111one!!! we are all going to die.
This is not like the past years. People are going to jail this time. Not to add to the paranoia, but we have to unite and take the fight to the government soon, or we will just be run over with more laws. Airsoft is in the grey area right now, but it looks like it will be pretty black and white before too long, seeing what has been happening in recent events.

Those of us who have an idea what has to be done should take charge and run with it. I have no idea where to begin myself, but my voice and money are ready to be thrown in at any given notice. Need a rally in Ottawa, I'll be there. That's the best I can do at the moment. However, those who can do more should.

I think a separate thread should be started to discuss stratagy and our options. Those of who do not have anything constructive to add or first hand knowledge should just read and not post.

I would rather see us fight to preserve airsoft than just be run over by the lawmakers, who refuse to deal with the root of the problem. As I am sure those of us who take our hobby seriously have never tried to knock over the corner store with our GBB.

My $0.02
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