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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Which brings me to Licensing.... in order to get "airsoft" under a PAL there would need to be a substantial overhaul of the Criminal Code with respect to firearms...resulting in a substantial relaxing of certain main items of the code..
or at the very least substantal re writing of the code to integrate replicas.. I can't see the government seeing any benefit to society to do so...
There would be very little to do. This is not an overhaul of the complete CCC for Christ's sake, this is a simple wording change to the Firearms Act, which can be done in OIC without the need for public consultation or Parliamentary oversight.

The infrastructure, evaluations, standards of licensing and import permits are already in place. So what if they have to create one or two new forms to fill out. There is a bureaucracy already in place for that too.

Don't try to make a bigger issue out of a policy change than it needs to be. These things happen at the adminstrative level with the CFC all the time.
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