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just wana say something, i read alot in several of the threads about "petitions been tried before" thing, and that its been tried since 2000, one in 03 and another in 05, now its 07. that fact the it didnt work back then dosnt mean its not gona work and we should sit down hand on hand, the community have grown since then and is growing, maybe people with fresh ideas. guys starting petition even if its not gona work, at least its leting the community and members know and keeping them active and making them realize that we are in trouble and it might become a bigger trouble, so its good for them to keep it in the back of thier heads to be ready when it gets bigger. i mean being totaly negative and killing the spirit is just not right. the seniors who are working on it like grey i read on the other thread it might get us somewhere and like gold said they should keep us updated too. so we know where are we standing. some might say i havnt been here long enough to talk about it...i dono i just sait what i wanted to

And if you had bother to read anything posted here and on ASC you would realize that people are already doing work here in Canada and that a wealth of information is available regarding what the UK went through with airsoft laws. But no, that is okay, we can just keep running around with our heads cut off sending out poorly written letters to our MP's and running useless petitions... This kind of scare happens every year and all the N00BS run around going OMFG!!!111one!!! we are all going to die. So no, drop this BS and let the professionals do their work. Sending our poorly written letters and petitions is not going to help the cause, only hinder it. There is no spirit being killed here, just mass hysteria of people who are acting no different then the very soccer moms at the root of the problem...

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