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Review - Madbull 6.03 Black Python Tightbore

Ever since i dropped in a new mechbox and a longer front end on my m4 it felt incomplete. It needed one part to make it completely functional and practical. The 5 inches of empty outer barrel space due to that pesky m4 barrel i still had inside needed to be filled. I had been searching high and low for a replacement m16 length (509 or 510mm) barrel, preferably something tightbore.

As i was browsing over Jugglez website i noticed he had some new brand of tightbore's i have never heard about or seen before, madbull. I have known madbull to make some odd's and ends, but never knew they made tightbores. Anyways, thanks to jugglez that space is filled lol. And my wallet wasnt even hurt.

If your looking for a great barrel with a sexy black finish (just makes your gun look more real if your inner comes to the end of your outer, no brass to be seen) I would highly recommend the Madbull line Jugglez carries. He says they are fairly new world wide and not many asian retailers even carry them yet. Sofar it seems to be fairly accurate, no range report to show just yet though. At 6.03 it is the tightest i would recommend going on an inner. This barrel is also very cost effective, i paid under 60 bucks for the barrel and a hop rubber to get to my door express shipped. Versus the 80 or 90 your looking at spending on a prometheus. I am not sure which brand is better, but i know if i need another tightbore ill be going with madbull.

I suck at writing reviews, i know there isnt much about the barrel, but i just installed it today and havnt had much time to shoot stuff at distances so i cant say for sure how accurate it will be. but in my basement plinking adventures, it seems great. The label even says it increases performance by 15% lol! Anyways, if you have any questions just shoot me a pm and ill try to answer them.

Pros- Nice black finish, looks better IMO
- Cost effective
- 6.03
- Reinforced

- Seems to twist slightly in the hopup even with the C clip in place

buy sell rating here
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