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Originally Posted by aZn_triXta07 View Post
I think they DO have the permits, but seeing how strict all the laws have become lately and I'm sure the governments been giving everyone hell, might be a reason why ASCA is stopping the order of all guns. My guess is that Kuramae probably went oh screw the government we have the licenses, than the government uses their power to manipulate blah blah blah u'know especially with there being no clear cut laws about airsoft etc etc... you get the picture.
If they had permits to import.. they would not be charged with import offenses...

The wind is blowing in a new direction.. at least for now..

These guys got busted for importing and trafficing in prohibited devices.
They have been charged.. this is a reality.

The police clearly have the will and intent to enforce the law against the trafficing in prohibited devices.. and in this case they deemed airsoft guns to be replicas...

It is no longer a "western Canada issue" or a Quebec Issue... it is a canada wide change in the direction of enforcment with respect to replica firearms.

They are going after the sources...First the unlicensed importers.. the ones flaunting the abuse of the law.
Maybe it will stop there... maybe it won't

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