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Originally Posted by Cortexburn View Post
The advantage to the PAL over the fishing licence is that due to the process to get a PAL the retards are weeded out, it's a system that is already in place so adapting it to include airosoft isn't that hard and it has airsoft regulated in a more serious manner. The consequences for selling to minors is much more harsh then some BS " airsoft licence ".

As you mentioned...we treat ( or should be...) airsoft like real why not just complete the process and require PAL's. Having a seperate " airsoft only" licence either in PAL version or otherwise is not going to happen. It isn't plausable let alone in the eyes of the government even realistic.
Also, the government seems to be hell bent on treating them as replicas covered under the firearms act. So it'd probably be easier to swallow for them if we let them do so, and at the same time bring our side to the table. I"m starting to think that a PAL based system would be a really good idea for all involved.
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